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Kelly is very talented at what she does, as evidenced by her excellent work with my patients in my integrative oncology practice. She has worked closely with my cancer patients, both in one-on-one settings as well as in group settings, to address the stressors associated with their diagnoses and treatments. As a result of Kelly's calming presence and various mind-body medicine techniques, the reduction in their anxiety is significant. Every patient who has worked with Kelly has expressed a profound appreciation for the tools and strategies she taught them, which they continue to incorporate into their daily lives. I can confidently recommend Kelly to anyone who is committed to improving his or her overall health and emotional balance.

Jonathan D. Stegall, MD
President, The Center for Advanced Medicine, Atlanta GA

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Kelly and I have been working together for a year. Through the use of EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, visualizations and meditations, we have worked to process several past traumatic events that were impacting me in my current life. Our sessions, along with my own yoga practice and prayer, have helped me process these negative events and gain control over negative thinking patterns. I now feel more positive about my life and have started manifesting some exciting new projects.



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I worked with Kelly for several months with the intention of addressing a chronic physical issue that was impacting the quality of my life. In the sessions, I felt very safe to dig into the emotions and patterns that were causing the discomfort. Kelly's positive, compassionate, and intuitive guidance allowed us to go outside the box to uncover some deep longstanding beliefs and unconscious reactions that I was holding. This knowledge along with her guidance allowed me to heal myself. I can not say enough good things about Kelly and the processes she uses!!

Christine Mitchell, sales executive, Naples, FL


"Kelly and I worked together on managing my stress levels at a particularly challenging point in my life. Leveraging her EFT tools and empathic listening, Kelly was able to uncover the source of my stress and help minimize the associated reaction (physical, mental and emotional). I was often amazed at how well she understood my situation and could apply the EFT technique. Since our sessions, I've noticed I am able to cope better with my stress triggers and now have methods to calm and re-calibrate myself."

Ariella Dominguez
co-owner, Grey Owl MIND-BODY STUDIO



I went to Kelly because I had some underlying fear and anxiety speaking in front of a group and I didn’t know why.  When I worked with Kelly she was extremely quick to help me identify through tapping a past trauma when I was young that triggered the anxiety and fear and was quickly able to go back through matrix reimprinting to change my feelings & emotions in the past.  From that session Kelly helped me clear that past emotion and reprogram a new emotion (one that was happier and brighter) and it has been life changing.  I no longer have a deep fear or get anxious speaking in front of a group of people.  Kelly is extremely professional, knowledgable and passionate with the work that she does. 



"Your generosity in offering your tapping and coaching expertise when I needed it the most really made all the difference in the world.  It helped me reset my course from being devastated losing my job to positively moving forward and changing it into an opportunity to move into a much better work environment.  You helped me overcome my anger, my crazy anxiety and were vital in giving me confidence to ace my interviews. Whenever we have an EFT session, all the negative energy, issues that have built up and are eating on me are being released like thunder and lightning in a storm - when it is over, all is calm, fresh and positive…ready for new growth. You really have the gift …you get to the core of the issue and help regroup by shifting the vibration and find a positive or healthy solution…and we worked on many different issues with different techniques – EFT, the Matrix, visualization, meditation.  Every time you have made me feel better, see clearer, work further – it has always been onward & upward. I consider my 2018 sessions to be part of my self-care, just as important as a good facial or massage!"


"I have been so honored to work with Kelly. She is a magnificent coach and a gifted healer. It’s funny, the reason I initially went to her was not actually the real issue after all. Surprising what you find when you peel back all the layers of an onion. What a pleasurable journey of discovery. Kelly's the real thing."


"Thank you for helping me learn the gift of “tapping”! I am amazed at how this process works to go deep and bring to surface issues that I was not aware were the “root” of my inability to move forward in a confident and mindful way. I have had quite a few “curve balls” that have come my way and this is a phenomenal tool to assist me in catching them, learn, grow and throw them back, with gratitude!!! You have a soothing, calming and reassuring demeanor in how you work. Please share my words of praise and appreciation with future clients!"


"My husband and I were going crazy because our daughter, who had a sports scholarship to a good college, was on the brink of not passing 3 classes. She has always had issues with procrastination and having senioritis only made the problem worse. With only 3 weeks left in the school year, Kelly was able to help her get focused and change her attitude. I’m happy to report that she did graduate and is now enjoying her freshman year at college!"


"I did one session with Kelly a few days before a large work event I was speaking at. Public speaking is a major fear of mine and I had worked myself into a complete panic. Through tapping, Kelly helped me turn my anxiety into excitement. Leading up to the event, if I felt the stress start to come back, I used the techniques she taught me to get back to a better place. I’m happy to report my presentation was a success! I know I couldn’t have done it without Kelly helping me to get in the right headspace beforehand."


"I had a lot of fear and nervousness about being diagnosed with colon cancer. A friend of a friend connected me with Kelly because she had experience in working with other cancer patients at a clinic in the US. EFT seemed kind of silly at first, but I could feel changes in my body and thinking right away. We actually worked on other things in my life that were causing me more pain and stress than the cancer - relationship problems and a lawsuit that resulted in financial problems. I felt lighter after each session, like a weight was being lifted. And maybe it was a coincidence, but I came into unexpected money the day after we tapped on my financial problems. I think it must have expanded my thinking."


"I really appreciate your time and effort working with me! I felt your support and calmness which made me feel safe. Your questions about how I felt and where I was feeling things in my body were very helpful! Determining what I was feeling and where also helped with getting down to root issues and what's being held in my body and subconscious. I find the process fascinating! Your working on one thing and it goes deeper into something else. I feel more in touch with myself and more informed of what my body's trying to tell me. I'm also becoming more mindful of those feelings and pains as they arise so I can move through them. My husband and I are communicating better. I also realize that I can breathe & tap myself through my anxiety, emotions and fear."


"I have worked with Kelly on both business and personal issues.  I have found Kelly to be very intuitive and empathetic, helping me thorough my anxieties and fears, working with me to feel more in control and able to identify what I need to do next.  Kelly is very professional and puts you at easy instantly. Kelly has used both Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting with me. I have found these to be truly amazing tools.  The basic EFT has helped me on a daily basis to overcome anxieties and fears, then working with Kelly we have been able to address some of the underlying issues, to help me remove blocks in my life and move forward. In conclusion I would recommend Kelly to anyone, who wants to overcome issues they have as she has certainly helped me to move forward both personally and as a business owner"


"I worked with Kelly for a series of 5 sessions to help me gain more confidence socially. I have been an introvert all my life and have found that in some ways it has held me back socially. I fear being called out in a group for making mistakes and getting embarrassed. If I got embarrassed I would turn beet red. Others would notice this, sometimes calling me out, and then it would get worse, sometimes escalating to a full blown anxiety attack where I would feel feverish, sweat, and get even more red. That of course would make the anxiety even worse and I just wanted to hide. Since our sessions I have noticed a big difference! I have been in a few embarrassing situations which would have normally put me over the edge and go into panic. Instead, I was able to maintain control of my thoughts and I feel much more confident and secure. I have also noticed that my negative self talk has really gone down."


"I attended Kelly's EFT for Cravings workshop a couple of weeks ago. Everyone in the class wanted to reduce their cravings for chocolate. By the end of the class, my craving level was down from an 8 to a 0 and the chocolate went in the garbage! My cravings for chocolate have definitely changed and I have been using the tapping techniques to lessen my desire to eat unhealthy foods. It is working! Overall, I am making better food choices. More importantly, I am thinking differently, feeling better about myself, and feel like I’m on a better path. Having never tried tapping, I didn’t know what to expect, but I am definitely seeing results!"