As a certified trainer for Mike Dooley’s program, Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams, I utilize many of these powerful concepts in combination with EFT and Matrix. I often lead clients through personalized visualizations and/or meditations during a session.

  • THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS Examine thought patterns that may be in conflict with your happiness and productivity.
  • BELIEF SYSTEMS Discover how ingrained beliefs and subconscious programming may be sabotaging you and how to rewire those connections
  • EMOTIONS Your emotions act as an indicator and guide, providing feedback on our progress in life. Learn positive ways to deal with negative emotions. 
  • ACTION What is keeping you from moving forward with your highest dreams and desires? Learn how you can accomplish anything through visualization and taking action in the form of baby steps. 
  • INTUITION Discover ways to tap into that knowing which is deep within all of us. 
  • LIFE IS A JOURNEY What is this life all about? Viewing life as an adventure helps us lighten up and enjoy! Lets explore ways to relish in life’s challenges.