Burn Out

Is your to-do list too long? Do you find yourself exhausted by the end of the day? In our fast-paced society many people are feeling stressed and out of balance. Constant stress is like a dangerous toxin that wreaks havoc in your body. Fatigue, brain fog, a compromised immune system, slower metabolism, digestive problems, and elevated blood pressure are just some of the problems caused by stress.  Check in with your body . . . do you have tension in your shoulders? Tightness in your chest? A knot in your stomach? These are important messages from your body that should not be ignored. Pay close attention to these signals, as they often are a wake up call, a plea to make life adjustments and bring more balance and harmony into your busy life.

Mindfulness practices like yoga, qi gong, and meditation, as well as energy techniques like EFT and Reiki can help restore balance to your overtaxed system.  Recognizing and addressing these imbalances as they arise will help you maintain your health and sense of wellbeing. If your life circumstances have you overstressed and tense, or if you’re frustrated by symptoms that your doctor can’t explain, it may be time to approach healing from an energetic level. Energy techniques relax the body and calm your nervous system, allowing the body to heal itself naturally.